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Christmas at voco® Reading

Celebrate Together : Christmas Drinks & Cocktails

Introducing voco® Reading's ultimate cocktails

Espresso Martini £13.00
Orange Gin Spritz £9.00
Baileys £4.60
Negroni £13.00
Aperol Spritz £13.00
Margarita £13.00
Whisky Golden Fizz £13.00
Paper Plane No. 7 £13.00
Queen’s Peach £11.50
Vodka Mule £13.00
Mojito £13.00

Begin your evening in the warm and inviting ambiance of voco® Reading, where you'll indulge in a sumptuous meal, prepared with the finest ingredients by our talented chefs. Enjoy great conversation with friends, family, or colleagues, as you toast to the festive season.